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 Character Profile : Cillian Norewood

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Cillian Norewood

Cillian Norewood

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PostSubject: Character Profile : Cillian Norewood   Fri 28 Jun - 19:48

Name: Cillian Norewood
Age: 42
Number: O97599
Birthday: 5-6-1971

Crime: Slaver, He sold men and women to others. He did take good care of his slaves. Making sure none of his guards and the ones working for him would harm the slaves. Cillian believed in quality. You would not buy an apple if somebody took a bite out of it. So why would someone buy a slave who has been beaten up, Or even raped? He treated his slaves well. And made sure the women would not be raped. His competitors often used drugs. But Cillian is highly against using them It would make people act different. Besides his slaves would not be able to perform as good as the normally would.

Cillian did know his job was illegal. And he was counting the days. It amused him often how he had not been caught yet.

Cillian is pretty straight forward with his opinions. He is not made to be cruel. Cillian is not shy about his crime. And he knows that it was not the most legal thing to do. But he does not regret what he did. He treated his slaves good.

He has always been the boss and that is often shown through his behaviour. His view can be pretty optimistic from time to time. He is not that aggressive of nature.

Bio:(Might add more)
Cillian's sister in law helped him with his business. After his brother died in a car accident, Hannah(Cillian's sister in law) Joined Cillian in his business. Replacing his brother.

Cillian did have a wife, But he rather not talk about it.

Jane: She means allot to Cillian. He finds her charming. Every moment with her is a gift to him. And he would be lying if he didn't love her. Cillian hides it from others. But he truly cares for her.

Megara: He thinks she is very smart. And she deserved better. Cillian cannot help but feel sorry for her at times.

Hattori: He likes the guy better than any other guys around the prison. He think Hattori has allot of potential. And is very well diciplined.

Mulan: He leans to disliking her a bit. To him she is very rude. But she's a young lady so maybe she can change?

Tulio: A amusing young man.

Kida: He doesn't seem to get along very well with this young woman. But he wouldn't disrespect her quickly.

Joseph Korso

Audition Video:

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Gaston Alexander

Gaston Alexander

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile : Cillian Norewood   Mon 1 Jul - 19:31

Hello roomie Wink I suppose we'll meet later on Very Happy
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Cillian Norewood

Cillian Norewood

Posts : 561
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile : Cillian Norewood   Mon 1 Jul - 20:49

OOC: Lol yeah we will xDD I am excited to rp with you :DBut also terribly scared for Gaston xD
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile : Cillian Norewood   

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Character Profile : Cillian Norewood
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