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 Character Profile: Jane Porter

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Jane Porter

Jane Porter

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Jane Porter   Character Profile: Jane Porter EmptySat 29 Jun - 15:54

Name: Jane Porter
Age: 25
Birthday: 13.03.1988

Prisoner-Number: E24248
Crime: Murdered her patients with new self-made medicine. Some of them though helped and got famous.

Jane hides behind harsh words and a sarcastic tongue, but inside she has a soft and kind character. She'S afraid of opening to other persons, due to she might get disappointed.


Jane was raised mostly by her father, who made her suffer for the things her mom did, and the things he thought she did (even if she didn't). He hit her a lot and locked her away in her room, just to break her will. Even though he was cruel to her, he never showed sexual interest in her, which would be normal for such fathers. He gave cruel orders and if she didn't obey, she got punished.

In her older years, she got the chance to escape her father and study medicine. Jane became a really good doctor. She was loved by her patients and friends. But she was destroyed inside and gave in a bad idea.
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Character Profile: Jane Porter
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