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 Character Profile Helga Sinclair

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Helga Sinclair

Helga Sinclair

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Name: Helga Katrina Sinclair
Age: 28 years old {August 20th, 1985}
Occupation: Prison Guard

Personality: Helga is an independent woman and not one to push around. She always does what she believes is best, and she doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She is clever and finds pleasure in tricking and outsmarting the people around her. She is often serious and rarely laughs or smiles. She can be tough and aggressive if she has to but usually she just keeps her mouth shut unless she has a sarcastic remark to throw out.

Story: When Helga was only eighteen she joined the military and trained to become a national government agent. When she was twenty-two, her father opened a prison in Frankfurt, Germany and she worked alongside of him for six years until she discovered this prison. Her father passes away and she decided to leave the prison to start somewhere else.

Helga is fluent in five different languages and trained to use many guns and weapons. She has a dual citizenship in both Germany and the United States because she often lived in both.

Friends: Jane Porter
Acquaintances: Anastasia Summers, Dean McCoppin, Aurora Lannister, Joseph Korso, Jim Hawkins, Eva Petrova
Enemies: Odette Pierce

Audition Video:
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Character Profile Helga Sinclair
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