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 Tuptim Di'Xhan

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Tuptim Di'Xhan

Tuptim Di'Xhan

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Name: Tuptim Ahna Di'Xhan
Prisoner Number: C78197
Age: 18
Birthday: Sept. 17
Personality: Manipulative, sarcastic, bitchy, secretly kind-hearted to people she cares about (her mum and "friends")
Crime: Prostitution, murder, drug and alcohol abuse
When people saw Tuptim on the streets, they all think of her as a sweet, kind, innocent girl who lost her father when she was 9. But what they didn't know was that her father used to abuse her- physically, mentally, and sexually. What they didn't know was that she was the caused of his death. Or, as the police said, a freak accident at the slaughter house.
Tuptim and her mother had a tight bond, so when her mother was becoming poor and ill, Tuptim knew that she had to do something. So at the age of 13, she decided to go into prostitution. When she was 15, after being beaten up by a 35 year old man because she "wasn't putting effort in it", she killed him. And so, for three years, she would pray on rich men, do her dirty work, and then kill them. Three years later, and she was caught. Oh well, there are bound to be some cute men in the jail that she's going to. A perfect place for the manipulative bitch that she is, don'tcha think?
Enemies: Joseph Korso
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Tuptim Di'Xhan
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