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 I think I'm not feeling too well...

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Belle Bonacieux

Belle Bonacieux

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PostSubject: I think I'm not feeling too well...   Sun 21 Jul - 13:51

Belle was sitting on her bed, her glance stuck on the ground. She was in a different cell, with a different roommate. She had recognized him from that male contest, she had barely watched the screen but it was hard to forget was the boy had done. Normally she would have felt terribly embarassed, but now she simply didn't care.
Plus, since she had changed her room she had started to feel slightly sick, and a pain in her stomach had started to grow and grow. She hadn't slept or eat much in those days, so she blamed that for her sickness, and still and yet she felt like something was wrong...
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PostSubject: Re: I think I'm not feeling too well...   Sun 21 Jul - 21:09

Flynn awoke, drowsy and frankly, very annoyed. Realizing he had been drugged again he questioned how far the guards could push their legal rights. Not that it mattered, who would believe him over them?
"Who's there?" he asked, noticing a new roomate on the bed.
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I think I'm not feeling too well...
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