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 Character Profile: Dean McCoppin

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Dean McCoppin

Dean McCoppin

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Dean McCoppin   Character Profile: Dean McCoppin EmptyFri 28 Jun - 22:59

Character Profile: Dean McCoppin Tumblr_lic1wijPoV1qf7r5lo1_500

Name: Dean Charles McCoppin

Age: 25 (10/08/1988)

Background: Dean and Aurora were childhood friends, growing up next door to one another. Even their parents were each others best friends; Dean's parents were Aurora's Godparents, and the same with Aurora's parents being his Godparents. He remembered the night that changed their lives; the night an escaped convict who was a famous murderer came to Aurora's house, hoping to hide from the police. Dean and Aurora had been playing in the basement, when the murderer came. The kids could hear the screams of Aurora's parents, making the children fearful of what was happening. Dean was the one that braved the upstairs, making Aurora stay down in the basement. He quietly moved through the house, careful to avoid where the noises were coming from to try and get to a phone. He called the police, being as quiet as he could be, before he heard a soft gasp behind him. He turned and saw Aurora peeking into the room where the sounds were coming from. Dean covered her mouth before she could scream and hid the two of them in the hall closet.

The police arrived and took the felon away. Dean's parents quickly took Aurora into their care, knowing it was what their friends would have wanted. Dean saw the change in Aurora, but also felt a change in himself. He hated criminals. He would curse at the tv when a murderer was set free and cheer when one was thrown in jail for good. He became more protective of Aurora and didn't hesitate to follow her in joining the ranks of Prison Guard at Darkstone Prison. He wanted to make sure murderers didn't have a chance to get out.

Personality: He follows Korso's orders, especially when he gets the chance to torture the prisoners. He hates all of the prisoners equally, believing they all have a special place in Hell set aside for them and he doesn't mind helping them to get there faster. Dean sees himself as a man with no heart; he only has a heart for Aurora, but that can be scarce to see as well. With the guards, he comes off as laid back, sarcastic, and a pain in the butt. To the prisoners, he shows no mercy; if they try anything with him, he's not afraid to taze them or hurt them if necessary. He hates it when blood gets in his hair, but doesn't mind it anywhere else.

Intro Video:

Audition piece:
A man with brown, almost black, hair walked through the halls of the prison. On his face was a scowl, as he ignored the calls of hate from the prisoners when he walked by their cells. Some were yelling, some were cursing him out, some were pleading, some were crying…

But he didn’t care; he felt they deserved every punishment given to them. Murders, rapists, thieves… They were all the same to him, each a crime they committed, thinking they were above the law, or above being human beings. It’s only justice that they get what they deserve.

He hated every one of them…

He didn’t feel anything when he punished them, only hate

That seemed to be the only thing he felt anymore…


Dean looked up when he entered into the security room and saw a blonde hair, petite woman, giving him a look that clearly stated 

“You’re late.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “I’m not late; I’m here exactly on time.” He said, walking over to the couch that was in there for them. He plopped onto the couch as he picked up the magazine that was on the table.

“You were supposed to be here at ten; it’s noon.” The woman stated, putting her hands on her hips.

“Pfft, you really think Korso cares? As long as we show up and do our job, then we’re good.” Dean said, before flipping through the magazine.

He watched as a feminine hand came and pulled down the magazine. He looked up at the woman with a raised eyebrow. “What?”

Why were you late?” She asked, her tone low, but even.

Dean sighed. “I told you, I wasn’t, Rora.” He said, giving her a look.

He had actually come straight from the showers after dealing with a prisoner.

He hated it when blood got everywhere…

It was really hard to get out of his hair.

A look dawned on Aurora’s face that made Dean smirk a little. His smirk disappeared when Aurora snatched the magazine out of his hands and smacked him on the head with it.


“Why didn’t you just tell me that?” Aurora said, tossing the magazine back in Dean’s lap. Dean snatched her wrist and pulled her onto the couch next to him.

“Because it’s fun seeing you get all pissy.” He said, before he was shoved by the blonde. He let out a laugh when he saw the smirk on her face.

“Shut up, McCoppin.” She said, with a hint of laughter in her voice, as she moved to stand up.

Dean grabbed the magazine from his lap and slapped her butt with it. He smirked when she glared back at him. “Hey, you hit me first.”

He laughed when he heard her growl a little.

Okay, so maybe he could feel something other than hate…
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Dean McCoppin

Dean McCoppin

Posts : 215
Join date : 2013-06-28

Character Profile: Dean McCoppin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Dean McCoppin   Character Profile: Dean McCoppin EmptyMon 1 Jul - 3:42

Added video and audition piece :3  Felt like boosting this up on the list XD
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Character Profile: Dean McCoppin
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