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 Character Profile: Gaston Alexander

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Gaston Alexander

Gaston Alexander

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NAME- Gaston Alexander
CRIME-Murder, Fraud, Kidnapping, Assault, Pedophillia, Rape
BIOGRAPHY-Gaston grew up being ignored by his mother and being beaten by his own father, a few times even being raped by him. He was a bright student who quickly learned other people's habits and when he was ten years old and about to get hurt by his father again he took up the butcher knife and brutally murdered his father and mother before escaping his home and living with the homeless in another state. He stayed with them until he was thirteen and then became a con artist/thief, he excelled at his job and shortly afterward started up a prostitute ring. He kidnapped younger girls and sometimes young women depending on the clients, and did that for a few years before he started raping the girls he kidnapped before brutally killing them. He was discovered shortly after by a reporter who had been tracking his movements, and even though she had been the one to turn him in for his violent actions, no one ever suspected that Gaston had been the one to get rid of her.
PERSONALITY- Gaston is a psychopath in every meaning of the word and won't hesitate to find other's weaknesses before using it against them. He enjoys making those around him suffer and even if he likes you beware, you never know what he'll do next Wink
Character Profile: Gaston Alexander Tumblr_lyisx5vxeP1qmt28to1_500
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Character Profile: Gaston Alexander
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