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 Kuzco Rodrigues

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Kuzco Rodrigues

Kuzco Rodrigues

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Full name: Kuzco Rodrigues
Age (+birthday):23, born july 10 th 1991
Prisoner number: Y41940

Crime: Manslaughter, drug posession
What happened:
Kuzco was out with his friends, celebrating his birthday. He got drunk and found a girl. She took him to her place and they drank some more and did some drugs and then had sex.
During their night he started getting delusions and strangeled the girl.
The morning after he woke up in horror of what he had done, and escaped the scene.
He was found later posessing some of the girls clothing and drugs.

Bio: Kuzco was born as the youngest of three brothers, and he had a younger sister too.
He never related much with his brawny older  brothers, but rather played with his sister.
When they got to teenage they began drifting away from eachother more. Her sister started spend time with other girls, who soon began to make fun of him.
He then found friends with boys his age who wanted to have fun and party all the time. He began drinking and smoking and pick up girls, and did some drug experimenting also.
He went through one rehabilitation period. And after graduating he found some work at a gardening buisness. Cutting grass and planting flowers and such.
Then he went out to celebrate his birthday with his friends and tried some drugs after a long time. With hazardous consequences, then he got arrested.

Personality: Kuzco was always a little shy, eventhough it might not show much to others. Even in the group he was in he would not be the loudest. He liked being in groups and to follow other peoples example.
He likes to laugh, and can handle some joking on him too, but if it doesn't stop at that he starts withdrawing from the group. He is pretty self concious about his body and flaws, and can start stressing over them if they are being pointed out often or as a joke.
He likes birds and is pretty good at drawing them. He likes colorfull things too.

FRIENDS: Dimitri
ACQUAINTANCES:Aurora Lannister
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Kuzco Rodrigues
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