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 Cale Pierce

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Cale Pierce

Cale Pierce

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PostSubject: Cale Pierce   Mon 1 Jul - 0:27

Full Name: Cale Pierce
Age: 24
Birthday: 22nd of November, 1988
Crime: Grand theft auto, possession of class a drugs with intent to sell, murder
Prisoner Number: R78098

Cale was raised by his grandparents, but after their death he was sent back to his mother who was an addict. Knowing that his mother wasn't going to take proper care of him, he knew he had to do something to survive which is when he learned how to steal.
After his mothers died when he was 10, he was sent to an orphanage. There he met and became friends with Odette. When he was 13 he and Odette were adopted by the founder of the orphanage, Lyle Pierce.
He lived in luxury, unaware of where his new fathers fortune really came from. When Cale was 16, he was brought into the 'family business'. He found out that there was a darker side to the club his father owned, he sold drugs to the patrons and paid the cops to stay away. He also employed several men to do jobs for him and Cale was to become one of them. His father took the pickpocketing skills he had learned as a child and trained him further to steal cars for him. When he wasn't stealing cars he was selling drugs in his fathers club as well as partying there too.
Eventually Odette found out what he was doing for their father and decided she wanted to join in too. Cale was hesitant at first but decided it was just a bit of fun. However his father didn't see it that way as he wanted to keep Odette innocent. So he decided to set Cale up, calling the cops while he was in the middle of stealing a car. But what he didn't count on was Odette finding him and the dead body the cops found them with.
Cale tried to protect Odette by confessing to the charges and that he did them alone, not knowing that Odette would also confess, landing them both in jail.
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Mulan Xiang Fa

Mulan Xiang Fa

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PostSubject: Re: Cale Pierce   Mon 1 Jul - 0:45

OMG I LOVE Cale <33
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Hattori Hanzö

Hattori Hanzö

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PostSubject: Re: Cale Pierce   Thu 11 Jul - 22:40

Oh, boy! Someone devoted to "family"? Hattori should like him...if Cale manages to get him to talk. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Cale Pierce   

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Cale Pierce
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