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 Jack Frost

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Jack Allen Frost
Jack Frost's sister Jacey was taken a year before his own capture; how ever by a different person & villain intentions.With Jack himself having issues , like Bipolar disorder & schizophrenia, he starts seeing past victims of an obscure hunt down in the past- he is haunted by Helga and a few others; thinking they are real- he has already tried to escape through a window or two-from the visions . (TRIED being keyword.)
Jack see's people who are not even there- and does not realize that his sister is dead at times; when Jacks sister died- he took too having her there in his as a captive, and prisoner of cale; he fights too stay alive himself. ...while dealing with mental problems as is; as he goes and learns about things, who know- he might find love; to clear his loss for Jacey.Cale captured him at a time where he was most vulnerable- he is not related to a former victim; but COULD be a descendent of Meg, or Sinbad, as he does act a lot like them- how ever- Meg died within the past, and Sinbads fate, what with sinbad having sex with many of the inmates; he could have been a descendent.

Jack consists of crazy, and manipulation of a personal being- his personality has driven himself , and others crazy- but is he really crazy, or is he sane?


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Jack Frost
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