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 Deadly Game Participants [PART 2]

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Tulio De León
Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_lcap22%Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_rcap
 22% [ 2 ]
Megara Rose
Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_lcap0%Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_rcap
 0% [ 0 ]
Aladdin Bashar
Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_lcap56%Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_rcap
 56% [ 5 ]
Jane Porter
Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_lcap11%Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_rcap
 11% [ 1 ]
Cillian Norewood
Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_lcap11%Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] I_vote_rcap
 11% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 9

Joseph Korso
Joseph Korso

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Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] Empty
PostSubject: Deadly Game Participants [PART 2]   Deadly Game Participants [PART 2] EmptySun 9 Feb - 17:02

So here we are again. Another deadly game will begin shortly, and it's upto you to decide the contestors. This will be the way all new games are going to unfold. That way all of the players of this final instance of Lockdown gets a say in how the roleplay unfolds. We need three contestants, in which one will suffer a random death. Choose wisely who you want to send into danger. Multiple choice, of course.
Poll will be up for one week before the game starts. At that point the three characters with the most votes will be pulled in for the game. Have fun! Smile

*NOTE: Please note that this is part 2 of the voting. Please make sure to check out the first poll as well and vote on both!
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Deadly Game Participants [PART 2]
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