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 Mary Quartz

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Mary Quartz x

Mary Quartz x

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Name: Mary Quartz
Age : 20
Birthday : October 13th
Crime : Murder, kidnapping, prostitution, torture



Mary tries to hide behind her "strong and cold side".
But sometimes she gets fragile and mad.

None left (at least of those she knew)

The story of Mary Quartz:

All over the land cases of men with cut throat are unsolved..why?
The answer is Mary Quartz.
After her mother married a new man when Mary was 11, her new stepfather abused Mary.
When she was 14 her mother died so that the last protection has been drift away. Now her stepfather did to Mary whatever he wanted.
One evening she took a knife and hided it under her pillow. When her stepfather came in and wanted to do horrible things to her she did it. She cut his throat.
She got into an orphan and had to go to therapy. But the only thing that happened there is that she realized how horrible he was. How horrible men are.
At the beginning she only killed men who look like her stepfather.
But now she found pleasure and kills indiscriminately men after dating them or just flirt in a bar and goes with them to a hotel, their home or just a isolated place and kills them.
Murder cases of naked man with cut throat are all over the country unsolved. Sometimes a wife or a workmate got arrested but Mary knew what she did. No one found a track of her.
Until now.



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Mary Quartz
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