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 Jamika Xavier Hardysea

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Jamika Xavier Hardysea

Jamika Xavier Hardysea

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Jamika Xavier Hardysea Bebes-kids-1992-internal-dvdrip-xvid-8ballrips1
~Would you look at this? It almost makes you sympathize with her.
Jamika Xavier Hardysea
March 18

Conspiracy and assassination of a foreign political figure
Leader of a crime Syndicate involved in the works of illegal drugs, human, animal, fire arms trafficking.
Perjury under oath
Multiple accounts of murder in the first degree and inhumane torture
Child endangerment
other miscellaneous charges

Jamika's personality is vain, high maintenance, Judgmental, condescending, Vindictive and egotistical with a big case of paranoia and OCD. But impulsive and always looking for the next passion fix.

Jamika was born in a lower income family in Chicago. At age ten she had no friends, But she worshipped her older sister Carole. The two were as thick as thieves. Carole was only six years older than Jamika. And Jamika hung onto her every word. Especially since Carole seemed to be a legend in the neighborhood. Which always hurt when her big sister got into arguments and sometimes full fist fights with their parents. Jamika didn't realize what made Carole so popular. But knew she wanted to reap the benefits of that seemingly better life and share it with her family. Carole revealed she was hustling and scamming with the right people. The right people were a group called the black disciples. And after some groveling by Jamika. Carole took Jamika under her wing.  Jamika learned the in's and outs of the lower more expendable foot soldiers Carole was apart of. The two girls were unstoppable and making a name for themselves. About a year of being professional conartist. Carole was set up and caught in the middle of a job then sent to Juvie. Leaving Jamika alone and retreating home to come up with a plan. So while Carole was serving her two year time at Juvie. Jamika took the time to get back at the people who caused her sister to get caught. The experience changed the girls tremendously. Carole wanted to become a beneficial member of society. While Jamika filled with young angst, rebellion, felt heart broken that her sister left her for comfort. She continued her ways until she was able to move up the chain. Jamika got her own family eventually to cover up for what she was actually. But to also get a better relationship with her sister. She had four kids by a man named Robin Hardysea. When her schemes seemed to be discovered. Jamika pinned the charges on her unaware and innocent husband. She then as leader talked of plans to expanding her business by taking it international. In order to do that it was arranged that she had to kill of an important senator. The political figure would pass a law that would cripple her potential clients business. But also give up some product over five hundred thousand. Jamika sold her kids to give them. She was later caught after the assassination and her syndicate gave her up to get any heat off of them.
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Jamika Xavier Hardysea
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