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 Tzipporah Abadi

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Tzipporah Abadi

Tzipporah Abadi

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Tzipporah Abadi Prince-of-egypt-disneyscreencaps

Name: Tzipporah Abadi
Age: 22
Birthday: November 12, 1991
Crime: Illegal use of drugs (Heroine, Methamphetamine), robbery, prostitution, statutory rape
Prisoner Number: U53911

Personality: Tzipporah has a very distorted personality. She is susceptible to mood swings and can be very violent in nature. She has a hard time trusting anyone. She is incredibly shy and most likely won't go and talk to anyone new. Her sense of humor is distorted due to her boggled brain.

Background: Not too much is known about Tzipporah's life before she went into college and began using drugs. She knows she has a mother, but even she cannot remember what else there was. Not that she wants to remember anyways. She started using drugs in her freshman year of college and from there it was a downward spiral. After many years of being addicted, she was out on the streets forced to sell her body and other's belongings to get her fix. She had been betrayed by those she thought of as friends one too many times. She is reserved and doesn't like talking about her past. So don't ask.

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Tzipporah Abadi
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