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 Character Profile: James Hawkins

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James Hawkins

James Hawkins

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Character Profile: James Hawkins Tumblr_mhd2rk7Vus1qbtyiyo1_250

Full name: James Hawkins

Age: 19 · 15th August

Crime: organ contraband
( this include kidnapping and sometime homicide - people usually survive, without an organ, but they survive - )

Prisoner number: P86201

Jim used to live with his mother in a little suburban village. His father left when he was very little and his mother had to look after him and the house all alone. They never had a lot of money and mostly of the times they had problems to how to make ends meet.
Always with good grades at school Jim always managed to get bursary, in this way he could help his mother with the money problem and in that way continue also with his studies. He started to be interested in medicine and in a future medical career so, once he finished high school Jim moved from his little town to the big city where he could attend the local university. But only with the bursaries it was impossible to live in the big city, continue study, pay the rent and the bills.
He started to look for a part-time job, but after the last rejection Jim decided to 'invent' his own job, something that would help him gain money and at the same time to practice for his studies: thanks to some friends of friends of friends he managed to enter in the circle of organs contraband. It was easy: get a rich and wealthy purchaser, study a little his 'target' and then take the organ and give it to the private clinic that will make the operation.
Everything worked well for two years until the day he got caught.

Jim is after all an average boy, he doesn't steal organs because it makes him satisfied or because he's a maniac or something: all his reasons are economical. If there's a gain he's in! Probably living all his life without money created in him a sort of desire that make him do everything possible to gain some.
Despite his money desire, Jim is friendly and usually open to meet new people, especially if there's a gain in it. He's smart and plans almost everything before do it. Not the best when it comes to fight, but if it's for his own life he becomes pretty good also in it.
He doesn't own a lot of personal things but he's strangely attached to his bag that he always carries with him along with his notebook. The bag is full with all the things he would need for an escape from the country: identity cards, money, credit cards, a few personal things, as his laptop, and nothing more.

Acquaintances Sinbad, Dean
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Character Profile: James Hawkins
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