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 Dinner Date Decision

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Mulan Xiang Fa

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PostSubject: Dinner Date Decision   Dinner Date Decision EmptySun 15 Sep - 17:09

Mulan rolled over on the mattress, her hair covering her entire upper body like a blanket. She groans with aggravation. Mulan sits up and sees Jim asleep. She pushes her hair back out of her face before braiding it very loosely down her back.
She hated Division C. It was always so hot. She stands and peels down the top of her jumpsuit and ties the arms around her waist. Mulan tucks the tank top a little deeper in her pocket and pulls uncomfortably at her bra strap. Mulan stretches before noticing an envelope with her name on it. As she retrieves it she can see Sinbad's blood on some of her wrist. She panics, desperately scraping at it, peeling the dry blood from her skin. Panting a moment, she starts to cry a little bit before opening the envelope with trembling hands. What was it? Another game? She hoped not. She prayed not.  Mulan walks to the trunk and sits on top of it again.
She tears open the envelope and retrieves the contents. She reads over it. Is this some kind  of sick joke?
Mulan moves to the cellmate list in the corner. She gets on her knees and draws everything out. Separating the men from the women in a few quick swipes with her left hand. She immediately shoves away the men she'd discussed with Chel. Then she the same to the men who looked too strong for her. Leaving Jim, Sinbad, Cale, Hanzo, and Moses. Mulan clocks her head slightly. Sinbad was dead, so, with a shaking hand she moves him out of the way. Jim was awkward. Her eyes slide over to the Asian man.
She immediately has a flashback of his fight with Cillian. She bends down lower to match the letters with the numbers. "Men that can fight is pretty sexy." She checks his box. She had to learn his warm up exercises. She couldn't get them, and she knew Aiko had to have done them before. She replaces the papers into the envelope and places it near the door.
The deed was done.
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Dinner Date Decision
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