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 Tulio De León

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Tulio De León

Tulio De León

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Tulio De León Flames12
Name-Tulio De León
Age- 25
Birthday-October 16, 1987
Crime- Arsonist
Number: L24601

Personality: Tulio can be charming when he wants to be. Can be blunt at times too. Sarcastic, cunning, and sly. He loves to be amused and entertained, so he takes a liking to anyone who does interest him.

Background: Ever since Tulio was young, he'd been fascinated with fire. Actually obsessed with it really. This obsession had caused him some problems with his parents, who wanted to keep their perfect family image. A pyromaniac for a son would've cause their perfect family image to shatter, therefore Tulio had to hide his hobby. Even though,the De León family weren't so perfect as they seemed. Monsters was the word that described his parents. There were reasons why no one knew the true nature of the De León couple. Firstly was due to his parents being charmers. Secondly, people ignoring what was in front of them. Lastly was his parents connections with the government. His parent's had screwed up one time with Tulio, yet the government fixed it up quickly. So there went his trust for the law.

At age 15, Tulio had survived the house fire that took the lives of his parents. It was presumed to be an accidental fire. Or was it? With his parents dead finally, he lived out his life the way he wanted. Tulio became a professional arsonist. Tulio was paid by clients to burn down what they needed money from. The best part about his job was that he got to enjoy his favorite hobby~ Unfortunately, his enjoyment was cut short when he was finally caught. Tulio is not enthusiastic about being arrested since he believes that he's not a criminal. No one was hurt. All he did was burn down buildings for people who needed that insurance money. Didn't that make him like a Robin Hood?

Friends: Kida
Acquaintances: Megara, Cillian. Dean, Moses
Enemies: Akima (Sexual predator q^q)
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Tulio De León
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