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 Naveen Casiraghi

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Naveen Casiraghi

Naveen Casiraghi

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"I had it all... Fame, wealth, women, power. But I always knew I was destined for more. I worked with the bad boys, I had a handful of henchmen working for me...
No one suspected the heir to the throne of Monaco to be a fraud... until I got caught

Name: Naveen Casiraghi
Age: 22
Birthday: 22nd December 1989
Prisoner Number: Q63111
Crime: Running criminal organizations involving white-collar crimes (fraud; embezzlement) and illegal trading,
political corruption (stealing money from the government), aside from drug possession

History: Born as an only child to the reigning king and queen of Monaco and the future heir to the throne, Naveen had always gotten everything he wanted since he was a young boy. Often being too busy with royal duties, his parents make up for their absence by fulfilling every single one of his materialistic needs - except for granting him his only true wish, which is to live like a normal kid.

Trapped behind the walls of the castle he lived in, Naveen grew up craving freedom and he often wished to break free of royal etiquette and the responsibilities posed upon him as a young prince. Not wanting to be tied down by the weight of having to be a king of a country once he turned old enough, he started rebelling in his years at Eton, where he was sent to receive high education. He soon found himself involved in bad company, thus leading him to be involved in grand schemes, dirty and easy ways to get money with just, quite literally, the snap of his fingers. His influence on the black market had been so strong that he started running criminal organizations of his own, and had insiders in the government structure for his own financial gain.

Characteristics: Charismatic, charming and fully aware of the effect he has on people, Naveen knows how to get things to go his way and he will not put up with anything otherwise. He is a smooth-talker, somewhat of a ladies’ man and his good looks have been known to play up as an advantage in making deals with various of people. He is rather lazy, preferring to let his underlings do work for him rather than go out to do the dirty work on his own, but he does his part when the situation calls for it. He prefers not to use violence, but is always armed with a weapon just in case. Living by the principle ‘carpe diem’, he rarely puts much thought into the consequences of his actions and chooses to live in the moment - splurging on luxuries is most probably his favourite pastime - yet he is cunning enough to cover up his crimes and appear innocent to the eyes of his parents and the citizens of Monaco.

That is, until he got caught.


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Naveen Casiraghi
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