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 Mulan Fa

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Mulan Xiang Fa

Mulan Xiang Fa

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Name: Mulan Xiang Fa(May to her friend(s) and trainer)
Age: 17
Birthday: 25.01.96
Number: C48300
Crime: Manslaughter, First Degree Murder, Possession and Distribution, Conspiracy to Prostitution, and Conspiracy to Sex Slaving
History: Mulan was a professional fighter. She was the youngest champion in the world. One night the refs were paid off. Due to her anger problem, Mulan killed the fighter and the female he was sleeping with(while they were having relations). She was bullied as a child as a result, she doesn't like people. (Why she was bullied TBA) She became friends with Kaila Blake. A girl who Mulan beat up and continued to pursue as a friend. When Kaila chose Mulan over the near entire school, Mulan accepted her as a friend. They both were training for the Olympics so they dropped out and homeschooled together. Kaila is the reason Mulan was possessing drugs. Rest is TBA.
Personality: Mulan is headstrong, But she's intelligent, she won't let her hard head get her killed. She has a superiority complex because of this she'll tell you her opinion or the truth like it is. If you're going to be her friend you have to prove to her you can stand your ground. She has crude humor and likes to make fun of people. She's a cruel person and foul mouthed. She won't back down to any prisoner no matter your size or past. She has a worsening temper. But don't mistake her, she abuses her looks and she is very seductive.

Friends: Vega, Chel, La Reine, Kida, Petrova, Eva
Aquantinces: Possibly Petrova, Eva
Enemies: McCoppin, Lannister,
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Mulan Fa
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