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 Dimitri Donahue

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Dimitri Donahue

Dimitri Donahue

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AGE: 24
D.O.B: 24.05.1989

STORY: Dimitri was a normal guy, a bit on the awkward and shy side. He had a deskjob at a nearby bank. He was never good with numbers, but the machine did the work for him, so it never mattered much. He didn't earn much, but he was content, and it was enough to buy an occasional prostitute.
Dimitri was never an overly perverted man, he just wished for someone to be intimate with. Someone to hold and care for, though he was far too shy and awkward to ever find a lasting girlfriend of his own. One prostitute he tended to pay frequently and was on the edge of falling in love with her if he hadn't kept reminding himself of what she was really there for. The money. She'd never want him. She had long blonde hair, and soft, pale skin, making him care especially for these traits in other women.

FAMILY: Dimitri has one single mother and a little sister aged 21


- Megara Jessabelle Rose: Dimitri has an intense crush, borderlining love, towards Megara, and misses her deeply whenever she's not around. She's the only person so far he can feel completely comfortable with, and he would do anything to keep her safe and happy.

- Kuzco Rodrigues: His first cellmate, which he grew rather fond of. He consideres him to be his best friend so far, and is probably the only person in the prison which Dimitri feels he can trust.

- Chel Vega: They have a lot of fun once they're together, but nothing serious. In all honesty, Chel still scares Dimitri, and he barely manages to keep up with her pase when it comes to casual sex. Though Dimitri is innocent and hords great morals, he feels like Chel makes him a bit wilder and bolder. Though he is shameful of it, somehow he seems to feel well when she brings out that side of him.

- Odette Pierce: Though he doesn't even know her name he finds her extremely attractive and tends to fantasize about her after the wet t-shirt contest from time to time.

- James Hawkins: Only met him once during the Muscle Madness task. They smalltalked a bit in the gym, but other than that he can't say he knows anything about the guy.

- Helga Sinclair: After a quick TTW with this woman, Dimitri still feels like he knows absolutely nothing of her. He doesn't believe a word she says, and is honestly rather frightened by his lack of knowledge about her. He hopes she is not a psycopath, and that he will be safe if ever meeting her.

- Cale Pierce: Though he intimidates Dimitri with his tough exterior, Dimitri is also somehow in awe around him. It seems to him that Cale always knows what to do and always keeps cool. During the Villain Says game, he felt that he greatly annoyed Cale, but after a short talk it seemed they could become friends if ever given the chance. Dimitri hopes he can forgive him for hitting his head with a gun.

- Joseph Korso: Dimitri has never met this man, only heard his name. After the Villain Says game, he holds great fear and recentfulness of the man. He never dares even speak of this though, in fear of angering the warden.
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Dimitri Donahue
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