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 Anastasia Summers

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Anastasia Summers

Anastasia Summers

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PostSubject: Anastasia Summers   Anastasia Summers EmptySat 29 Jun - 7:44

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"Come play with me! it will be fun!"

NAME: Anastasia Summers
AGE: 22
DOB: December 10th 1990
GENDER: Female

13 charges of Torture, 5 charges of Rape (all male victims), 1 charge Attempted Murder, 1 charge Assualt of an Officer

Anastasia Summers Tumblr_mhnpf4DzE91rtxh4do1_500

- Childish
- Imaginative
- Charming
- Artistic
- Intelligent
- Two Faced
- Sociopathic

- Good Parents
- Mother was a Doctor
- Father was a Sheriff
- Upper Middle Class Lifestyle
- Good Grades
- Good Education
- Starred in a Couple Commercials
- Was a Budding Actress
- Lured Men and Women into her 'play' room
- Was caught red handed

Anastasia Summers Tumblr_m8lg9ynVms1qd56oqo1_500


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Hattori Hanzö

Hattori Hanzö

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PostSubject: Re: Anastasia Summers   Anastasia Summers EmptyFri 12 Jul - 9:43

Anya <3

Why is everyone so awesome around here?!
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Anastasia Summers
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