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 Odette Pierce

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Odette Pierce

Odette Pierce

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FULL NAME: Odette Pierce
AGE: 23
BIRTHDAY: 3rd of March 1990

HISTORY: Odette was delivered to an orphanage right after she was born. When she was 9 years old she got to know a new boy at the orphanage, Cale. At the age of 12 her and Cale were adopted by a rich man, Mr. Pierce. When she got older she found out that the source of his money was criminal activity, such as selling drugs in the club he owned and theft of various kinds. Unlike Cale, Odette wasn't allowed to partake in these activities. She was homeschooled and wasn't allowed to get out much. As overprotected as she was, she eventually got bored of it all and started sneaking out of the house. She lured Cale into showing her all the fun criminal activities he was engaged in and she found it very exciting. She continued doing that, even after Mr. Pierce found out about it and tried to put a stop to it. Eventually Mr. Pierce had had enough and decided to set Cale up in order to prevent him from tainting Odette even further. But Odette followed Cale that night and was also caught. Much to Mr. Pierce's displeasure, Odette admitted to the crimes she had comitted with Cale and was put in jail.

FRIENDS: Meg, Cale
ACQUAINTANCES: Jane, Flynn (ttw), Tobias (ttw), Aurora, Dimitri, Cillian, Chel, Helga, Jim, Kuzco
ENEMIES: -none-
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Odette Pierce
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