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 Sinbad Shahzad

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Sinbad Shahzad

Sinbad Shahzad

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there's a hole in your soul like an animal, with no conscience, repentance, oh no
Full Name: Sinbad Shahzad
Age: 29 – 9/3/1984
Crime: 2 accounts of rape (1 male, 1 female), 4 accounts of (known) murder (2 women, 1 male, 1 child, countless other people that are not linked to him), armed robbery, gang affiliations
Number: X11021
Personality: Sinbad has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour; he is charismatic and makes ‘friends’ easy. He seems to have a god complex; thinking he is better than the people he associates himself with.  He hordes secrets and keeps them close; revealing what he wants, when he wants; should it suit his needs, of course.
Biography: A secret, for now. The only thing known about him are his crimes.

- Mulan Xiang Fa

- James Hawkins
- Flynn Rider
- Anastasia Summers

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Sinbad Shahzad
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